Master of Arts in Ministry

Master of Arts in Ministry Curriculum Overview
Brewton-Parker College

The 30-credit hour Master of Arts in Ministry provides students with an introductory biblical and theological framework that adheres to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and equips students for effective ministry in a wide variety of settings through selected biblical and ministry courses.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate knowledge of the Old Testament and New Testament books and content, the historical framework of the biblical period, important theological emphases, as well as an understanding of scholarly critical issues from a conservative biblical perspective.
– Develop competency for a broad range of ministry experiences for application in Church, Christian organizations, or workplace ministry.
– Articulate the skills necessary to defend a biblical worldview while interacting with contemporary culture. .

Graduation Requirements:

-Complete all education requirements as required by the Brewton-Parker catalog.
– Completion of program with a cumulative 2.5 GPA.
– Completion of each required core course with a minimum grade of C range or higher.
– Minimum of 33% of the program must be completed at BPC.
– Program time limit is four years.


Required credit hours Old Testament Introduction and Interpretation 3 New Testament Introduction and Interpretation 3 Systematic Theology I 3 Systematic Theology II 3 Hermeneutics 3 Ministry Electives Five courses – electives (see separate document) 15 total 30

Elective Course Options

CHR560 Evangelism

A study of the nature and practice of evangelism and its biblical and theological foundation. The course includes the personal development of the skill of evangelism. The course will study a variety of the characteristics of non-Christians and explore methods to reach them with the gospel. The course includes an overview of the development of evangelism in the local church, including methods for equipping and mobilizing the local church to engage in evangelism.

Credit Hours: 3 | Prerequisite: None | Availability: Online

CHR565 Missions and the Global Church

The course reviews the biblical and theological basis of the mission of the Church, and includes a historical overview, including the work of various coordinated groups or denominations. The course also surveys current trends with regard to the proliferation of church-based international missions efforts. Subsequently, the course will explore strategies for involving churches in missions mobilization, involvement, and partnerships with the global church in order to fulfill the Great Commission.

Credit Hours: 3 | Prerequisite: None | Availability: Online

CHR570 Homiletics and Expository Preaching

A practical course that surveys various approaches to teaching and preaching God’s word with an emphasis on expository preaching. The course equips the student to move from appropriate interpretation of a biblical text to preparation and delivery in a teaching time or sermon and practical application of the content.

Credit Hours: 3 | Prerequisite: BIN500 | Availability: Online

CHR575 Ministry Leadership

The purpose of this course is to explore leadership styles and principles from a ministerial perspective. Students will examine and analyze profiles from biblical, historic, and contemporary personalities and the history of leadership in the local church setting. Students will also evaluate current emerging trends in leadership from the perspective of involvement in a local church or para-church organization.

Credit Hours: 3 | Prerequisite: None | Availability: Online

CHR580 Church Revitalization

A survey of approaches and strategies for reinvigorating a plateaued church. A number of important emphases will be explored, including but not limited to: developing a church wide prayer effort, understanding the function of leadership in revitalization, incorporating evangelism strategies, and understanding the context of the ministry setting.

Credit Hours: 3 | Prerequisite: None | Availability: Online

CHR585 Church Planting

The course will identify and explore historical trends and current approaches to church planting. Attention is given to the significance of ministry context in planting a church, the development of leadership, the necessity of support systems, and the balance of ministerial responsibilities and familial obligations.

Credit Hours: 3 | Prerequisite: None | Availability: Online

CHR 590The Bivocational Minister

The course will focus on the unique challenges of the bivocational minister regarding effective ministry while maintaining a healthy balance of family life and other vocational demands. Attention will be given to developing supportive leadership to fulfill the ministry needs of the church.

Credit Hours: 3 | Prerequisite: None | Availability: Online

CHR593 Current Ministry Issues

The course will prioritize and analyze the intersection of selected current cultural trends and practical theological applications within the church and general ministry. Examples of topics for consideration include theological integrity in the face of changing moral standards such as gender and sexuality issues, conflict management; integration of legal requirements into ministry, and others. The course will approach these topics from a distinctly biblical worldview.Credit Hours: 3 | Prerequisite: None | Availability: Online

CHR596 Ministry Internship

A supervised internship within a local Church or Christian ministry. The student will work with and be accountable to a qualified supervisor at the church and a BPC faculty member in learning and implementing specific ministry tasks and fulfilling prescribed goals. In addition to practical field experience, the student will complete reading assignments, reports, and other qualitative measures.

Credit Hours: 3 | Prerequisite: None | Availability: Online

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