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Georgia Baptist Bible Institute

The Purpose of the Georgia Baptist Bible Institute is to provide biblical and ministry training for pastors or lay persons who desire to increase their effectiveness in ministry and pursue further education. This purpose is accomplished through local Georgia Baptist associations or groups of like nature who partner with BPC. The offering of these courses is intended for non-traditional students who will complete courses at GBBI participating sites. Non-traditional students are defined as persons who are five years post high school graduation or high school graduate equivalency and who have at least two years of relevant work experience.

Brewton-Parker College is introducing the Georgia Baptist Bible Institute that will begin offering
fully accredited courses in the fall through our local Georgia Associations. Here are a few important facts:

  • The courses are offered in-person in your associational office or a designated church site.
  •  The courses are geared toward bible and ministry in order to provide training for pastors and laypersons.
  • Students may take up to 27 credit hours (9 courses).
  • The students will have an official transcript with Brewton-Parker, and will be able to apply the credit hours towards an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.
  • BPC is a SACSCOC accredited institution and the courses
  • The program is geared toward non-traditional students – five years post school graduate
    (or equivalent) and two years of work experience.
  • The cost is $150 per class, which is an 85% discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

The GBBI was a partnership between GBMB, BPC, and the local Georgia Baptist Associations. There were a limited number in operation over the last few years.  The GBMB decided to divest themselves of the program, and BPC committed to fully taking it over.  We redesigned the program to make it more congruent and seamless for the AA and BA program here, and are launching the first sites this Fall – in August.

The purpose of the GBBI is to provide biblical and ministry training for pastors or lay persons who desire to increase their effectiveness in ministry and pursue further education

Technically the GBBI is a non-specific program accumulation of college credit hours that can be applied to the AA program, or the BA in Christian Studies.  A student can accumulate up to 27 hours according to our SACS stipulations as an instruction site. If we allow more than 27 hours at a site, we will have to write a full prospectus for SACS.

The ideal student is non-traditional and who is serving in a church as a bivocational pastor or in a staff position. Non-traditional means five years post high school graduation (or equivalent GED) and two years of work experience.  The program is aimed toward equipping pastors, staff, and lay persons with biblical and ministry knowledge that enhances their ministry.

We currently have eight associations that are on board, and are in conversation with a number of other potential associations. All of the associations are in Georgia and connected to the GBMB.

Students will typically take one course at a time, which will be offered once per week (probably in the evening) for approximately 15-16 weeks. Each course will provide 3 credit hours. The time and place is designated by the Association.

Classes will be taught by credentialed professors who meet the BPC SACS standards of qualification. Typically, professors will be recruited by the Association and will be local to the area.  Each professor will be vetted and approved by BPC.