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Do you feel called to ministry? Do you have a heart for serving the people around you? Do you enjoy studying God’s Word and helping others learn it too? At Brewton-Parker College, we can assist you in discovering your calling and help equip you for a life in ministry.

Choosing a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies at Brewton-Parker College means you will tackle Biblical hermeneutics, church history, systematic theology, philosophy, apologetics and biblical studies. Whether the desire be personal or professional, BPC can provide you with a thorough education and spiritual foundation designed to prepare you for teaching, preaching, writing or pursing a graduate education.

During your time in this program, you will work closely with our faculty who will become more than your professors, but as mentors that will guide you through the joys and challenges of ministry. Equipped with the highest degrees in their fields and years of experience in Christian service, they are ready to support and encourage you as you seek God’s purpose for your life.

Once you earn your BA in Christian Studies, you will be able to:

  1. Use biblical interpretation skills to methodically arrive at the meaning of scriptural texts.
  2. Understand the evangelical perspective through Christian theology and history.
  3. Develop and begin to apply a personal philosophy of ministry.
  4. Execute effective communication skills, both written and oral.
  5. Comprehend practical and theological components of ministry-related vocations.


Accelerate your Master of Divinity:
At BPC, students can experience a seamless transition from undergraduate to graduate work as they apply their BPC coursework toward earning a Master of Divinity at one of our partner seminaries. For example, qualifying courses from BPC can be applied to the Accelerated M. Div. at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. By applying the college credit from their undergraduate classes, students can reduce the time it takes to complete the Master of Divinity.



If you know that God has called you into Pastoral ministry, then this concentration is for you. Through this program, we will equip you with the knowledge and experience necessary to cultivate your education and leadership skills in pastoral ministry. 

This concentration offers classes from the Formation of Ministry (CHR 350) to Biblical and Servant Leadership (CH 353). 

You will find numerous opportunities for preaching experience and pastoral internships in and throughout the surrounding areas of BPC.


Are you called into missions? A Christian Studies degree at BPC with a concentration in Missions will equip those who feel called to be sent out by the church to serve wherever God leads. The courses necessary for this concentration will prepare students with the education and experience that they will need while on the mission field. 

This concentration offers classes from Missions Practicum (CHR 340) to Evangelism and Church Growth (CHR 453). 

You will find numerous opportunities to engage in missions, local and abroad.

Still not sure if this program is for you? Check out some of the classes you can take and the careers you can have through a Bachelor of Arts in Christian studies.

Popular Classes

CHR 316 | Israelite Prophets
CHR 412 | Christian Ethics
CHR 351 | Ministry of Care & Counseling

Potential Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from Brewton-Parker College with a degree in Christian Studies have many options available to them after graduation, such as

Church Ministerial Staff

Camp Director
Christian Counselor
Administrator of Christian Organizations
Foundation Director

Scholarship Opportunity

We take our commitment to training the next generation of students who have a calling into full time Christian ministry very seriously. To affirm our commitment, we reserve some of our largest institutional scholarships for those students who attend BPC and declare a major in our Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies degree. BPC will award qualified students a $40,000 scholarship ($10,000 per year *) to assist in paying for tuition, room, board, and fees while enrolled at the college.

*$10,000 will be the total number of all institutional scholarships combined and will not be in addition to any other institutional, athletic, or Georgia Baptist scholarship that you may receive.

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